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MR-1200 RII

CAMINO-101 [ Class B AIS ]
Features :
Black box AIS transponder with built-in GPS
Self-developed viewer program: Radar & Alphanumeric view
Optional embedded Bluetooth
Compatible with major AIS-ready maritime equipments
Anodically treated aluminium housing for extrea weather resistance
Manual LON/LOT setting enabled
Dangerous obstacle warning
Friend ship tracking
Switchable transmitting
MR-1200 RII ( Marine Radars )
Features :
The MR-1200R||/T||/t||| Provides Many Useful Features: 2EBL,s, 2VRM,s sea Clutter, Rain Clutter,off Center interference Reduction, echo Stretch zoom, Trail, Long Pulse and automatic Tuning Calibration Function
If a Crew Member Falls Overboard, Mark the MOB ( man Overboard ) Point on The Display The man Overboard Marker Keeps the Position on the Display and Shows the Bearing, Distance and Estimated time to the MOB Point
*External Bearing, Speed and Position Data are Required.
Simplified ATA ( Automatic Tracking Aid ) Allows you to Plot up to 10 Targets and the Rader automatically Tracks the targets.
The CAP ( Closest Point Approach ) and TCPA ( Time to TCPA ) Alarm Gives an Audible Warning When the Tracking Targets Come Within the Set Range or